Submissions and and queries may be addressed to:

Facebook: Williwaw: An Anthology of the Marvellous

Twitter: Williwaw Anthology


4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I have been receiving submissions from people in my personal email that are meant for your site, please make sure that people understand that the entire “” if your email not just My inbox is getting swamped and I have been writing to people telling them they have the wrong email.


  2. Hi there all of you.
    thanks very much for publishing my story. I’ve scanned fore and aft covers and posted them on facebook along with this comment.
    “I’ve been told I should start showcasing my work, so here goes – I’m stepping outta my comfort zone here.
    My short story, WolfBear, using my pen name Sean Achie, (Gaelic for a bard among the Highlanders of Scotland, who preserved and repeated the traditions of the clans), has been published in Williwaw: An Anthology of the Marvellous. I’m proud to be included in a collection of such good writers.
    see for details.”


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